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We are all now in the midst of permanent shift in how we work, which will have both a near and long-term impact on large organizations, teams, and contact centers and meeting points.
What has become apparent is not all of us have the correct set up and network to work remotely.

To enable remote work Corporate IT should fix some of the most basic requirements. Wi-Fi , internet insight (when the ISP services are slow).

Do employees have adequate resources to enable working from home? Laptops, chargers, headsets, remote desktop environments, VPNs, messaging, and phones?
With all the internal assets on VPN, will it support the entire workforce.
Can employees access hosted cloud-based applications when not on the VPN? Are they able to use shared office suites and cloud storage accounts to share and collaborate?
How will employees communicate? Do all employees have access to web and audio conferencing accounts?

So let's start building your work from home essentials to make the job smoother and increase productivity.
We have been working with our various manufactures to put together solutions for you now. It may be that our workforce will have to work from home for the next 45 days or more.
We can help improve your impact and support a longer term strategy should another WORK FROM HOME ONLY event happen.

We can assist you with setting up the work from infrastructure. We have our partners like Cisco, HP/Aruba, Extreme, Aerohive, Lifesize and many more who enables remote networking solutions and video conferencing solutions.

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