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Video conferencing installation may sound easy, but it is one of the most difficult tasks that require excellent expertise and knowledge. Your business is dependent on the video conferencing you are conducting with your employees and your clients. If the video conferencing experience is lousy for the other person, then you will get poor results automatically. A video conferring room is not just a room, but it is a hub which requires proper screen and audio output devices. Also it is necessity to set up the mikes at the best place so that your clients and other parties can hear you clearly. Fortunately, eTribeca is here to deliver you with commendable video conferencing solutions. The video conferencing rooms set up or designed by us have next-level performance and are lesser prone to any malfunctions. Here is the process of how we deliver the best video conferencing solutions to our clients across the globe:

Site survey

  • Our engineers begin the process by surveying your site and they also not down the requirements of your video conferencing system, so that there is no chance of errors. eTribeca also searches the best ways to hide all the cables to provide clean and mess-free experience.

Professional installation

  • Once we know your business video conferencing requirements, our teams come into action and start installing the equipment you need. All the video conferencing system installations carried out are based on a strict protocol that is especially designed for your premises.

Cable Run

  • After installing the web conferencing set up, our engineers will connect them with the cables in a manner that no cable is visible. All the cables used in our video conferencing services are branded and are sourced from our trusted vendors.

Quality check and tests

  • Now it is the time when we verify the quality integrity of business video conferencing devices that are installed by us. eTribeca, being a preferred choice among video conferencing solutions for small business, very carefully checks that everything is working perfectly.

eTribeca is one of the top video conferencing companies that delivers many services, including- ip video conferencing, web conferencing set up, and everything that is required to deliver our clients with the best experience.

Teams at eTribeca also troubleshoot your existing video conferencing system. We replace what is needed to make your existing system set up work finely.

For more information please call us at 888-219-0207, email us at eSales@etribeca.com or request a quote online and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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