Facing difficulties with Wi-Fi debugging and monitoring?

eTribeca provides a customized solution for your current and ongoing Wi-Fi issues.


We have partnered with 7Signal and use embed their technology that which gives wireless monitoring to identify the issue. This technology helps to gather all the data in one dashboard which makes the process easier to find the problem and then design the solution as per the exact problem.


ET Network Patrol then takes over and reviews the best options to assist your team, be it upgrading firmware on the controllers or Access Points or a device replacement. This is not a one shot solution (similar to Site Survey work which can find issues but not over time).

How does the ET Network Patrol with 7Signal helps?

Our system in collaboration with 7Signal Sapphire Eye can help you upgrade your Wi-Fi network.

  • 24*7 wireless monitoring.
  • You will get all the data in one dashboard.
  • Identify the issue.
  • We will facilitate work with manufacturers to adjust or upgrade AP’s, controller and technologies.
  • Our engineers will advise and resolve proactively what may be needed. Networks change over time and ET Network Patrol is a excellent tool to make sure that WIFI is top of mind and not overlooked.

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Why eTribeca?

This is a structured program that allows you to view and understand the value of ET Network Patrol with 7SIGNAL’s Wi-Fi performance management system, first-hand. It is designed to offer you all the information you need to evaluate and protect your WIFI infrastructure and enhance your purchase of ET Network Patrol with 7SIGNAL’s Wi-Fi performance management system.