When is it time to upgrade your Wi-Fi network?

Whenever you think “I want to upgrade my wi-fi network,” you should always ask yourself, “Why?

Updating your Wi-Fi network to meet today's business needs is complicated and you may be under the false impression that it's just a matter of swapping out old AP’s.
There’s a great deal more to it.
So, the real question, “when is it time to upgrade your wi-fi network?”
Before you decide on upgrading, here are some key questions you must first ask yourself:
Why am I upgrading?
Do I use the current manufacture and if not why change?
What does my Wi-Fi network look like today and how do I want to change it?
What kind of devices am I supporting, when will that need to change?
Is my LAN network ready for a Wi-Fi upgrade?
So, today we are talking about the key indicators to upgrade your Wi-Fi?

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When to deploy WiFi 6?

Question: When to deploy Wi-Fi 6 Access Points?

Answer: This year and here is why
A lot of Companies are starting to consider when to deploy Wi-Fi 6 on there network and what the uptake will be by devices.
Last year we had almost no device use, despite two or three manufactures coming out with early product (Ruckus and Aerohive etc.)
Now we are starting to see second generation Access Points from all manufactures roll out in the next 60 days.
I think this will show in simple terms what we can expect.

I would estimate that next year we will see a jump to at least 20 % usage and perhaps as high as 50% on Wi-Fi 6. Once we hit that kind of numbers we can get back 2.4ghz and more useful bandwidth management.

I put the Pope Inauguration image to show how fast change can come. OK that was 8 years but in today’s fast replacement world of devices, by 2025 we could see all Wi-Fi 6 and or Wi-Fi 6a products being used.

Think about contacting us to talk more about your options. Timing is always critical when deploying new or refreshing your technology, use eTribeca as your best resource for honest and expert advice. Call Us 212 219 0207 or email: sales@etribeca.com

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