When is it time to upgrade your Wi-Fi network?

Whenever you think “I want to upgrade my wi-fi network,” you should always ask yourself, “Why?

Updating your Wi-Fi network to meet today's business needs is complicated and you may be under the false impression that it's just a matter of swapping out old AP’s.
There’s a great deal more to it.
So, the real question, “when is it time to upgrade your wi-fi network?”
Before you decide on upgrading, here are some key questions you must first ask yourself:
Why am I upgrading?
Do I use the current manufacture and if not why change?
What does my Wi-Fi network look like today and how do I want to change it?
What kind of devices am I supporting, when will that need to change?
Is my LAN network ready for a Wi-Fi upgrade?
So, today we are talking about the key indicators to upgrade your Wi-Fi?

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