When is it time to upgrade your Wi-Fi network?

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Whenever you think “I want to upgrade my wi-fi network,” you should always ask yourself, “Why?

Updating your Wi-Fi network to meet today's business needs is complicated and you may be under the false impression that it's just a matter of swapping out old AP’s.
There’s a great deal more to it.
So, the real question, “when is it time to upgrade your wi-fi network?”
Before you decide on upgrading, here are some key questions you must first ask yourself:
Why am I upgrading?
Do I use the current manufacture and if not why change?
What does my Wi-Fi network look like today and how do I want to change it?
What kind of devices am I supporting, when will that need to change?
Is my LAN network ready for a Wi-Fi upgrade?
So, today we are talking about the key indicators to upgrade your Wi-Fi?

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Partners Say 'The Limbo Is Over' As Arris And Ruckus Execs Promise Post-Acquisition Channel Focus And Growth

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For Ruckus Wireless partners wondering what the company's future looks like, Arris CEO Bruce McClelland has an answer. "It will look more like it did as Ruckus.”

Ruckus Wireless was acquired by Brocade Communications Systems [3]in May for $1.2 billion. In November, semiconductor maker Broadcom struck a deal to buy Brocade for $5.9 billion – but immediately signaled its intention to divest the company's IP networking business, [4] including Ruckus. That put Ruckus, a channel favorite, in a sort of limbo.

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ATT WIFI Calling Hand off on iPhone 6 available today

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Today AT&T started WIFI Calling. This is an interesting use of your Wi-Fi and also something to watch for in the office.

If your phone has limited or no service on the cell side, the call will be routed immediately to the Wi-Fi network you are on. I just tried this and it worked well, a little clipping on the line but smoother than the poor cell phone coverage feeling one often gets. I tested this on both an Aruba AP225 and a Ruckus unleashed, both received the call faster than if it were just a cell phone call. I am not sure why but was happy to see that on the 51st floor location in New York City I know have options.

I think it will improve as it is deployed more, but we shall see.

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