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December 2020 may be our true return to Work Date!

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A new reality will begin to set in.
For some of us, we are not going to go back to our traditional offices probably till the end of the year.
December 2020 may be our true return to Work Date!

If you think about it - even if we can control the Curve - only some of us will be able to get back to our offices and travel even in the Summer. That is 90 more days. Its time to start planning for this.
The good news is we have all learned how to work from home and increase our productive use of Video, VOIP calls, email, document management and more. This can put us years ahead of the changes in the workplace as even the hardest to train on these applications now depend on them (you know who you are are!)
The US workforce is also moving to nearly 100 percent Wi-Fi at home and probably even more at the office (when we finally go back). Why now? Well because the office needs to be a more flexible workspace given the Social Distancing changes. ISP Speeds need to increase bidirectional (data caps need to go for good) but have proven for the most part reliable (uptime of more than 98% plus has been a realistic home exception).
In March we setup our End User VPN’s and got those that need it new laptops and cameras.

So, what to do now?
Well I propose we need to embrace the change and return to identifying the important projects that are going to be significant for our return all the way into 2021.
• Expanded use of cloud services like office 365, VoIP and video.
• Focusing on Security at home base systems for Corporate held data and plugging the weaknesses we had to live with in our current emergency status.
• Monitoring and improving the Wi-Fi at home. Wi-Fi now has to be as good as or better than the office (we can’t have a helpdesk person come to someone’s system and fix it. All this must be Remote and simple to manage and identify.)

On the Wi-Fi front, Our Company has been touting the new Wi-Fi experience monitoring system ET Network Patrol with Mobile EYE. What is it? A set of tools and engineering services to identity where the Wi-Fi is working less optimally at an enterprise workforce home system and if needed (which it will be,) how to improve it. We can see the client experience and track it over time. Right now, we have a free 60 Day trial for up to 1000 users.
Building on that need we also have home Wi-Fi in a Box. A set of hardware and installation assistance to bring the home users network inside the Cloud of Corporate computing. Get your workforce on a dedicated Wi-Fi system at home and away from the Netflix, YouTube and TikTok users.

Let us focus on this new reality and what is important.

Cleaning & Disinfecting AP's

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We are all in the midst of Covid-19 outbreak with everyday cases increasing.
Many of you may be getting questions from healthcare customers about sanitizing or sterilizing Cisco APs that are being deployed to screening, triage or exposed clinical locations.

It is specific to Aironet and Catalyst APs, but should apply broadly to Meraki APs as well. This should also be fine for Aruba, Aerohive Ruckus and other manufactures but do a small test on a sample AP if you are unsure.

Some of you are also considering how to reconfigure your office and work space and what would be required.
Sanitizing and disinfecting WLAN equipments are necessity in this time.

This is to provide information to all users about disinfecting or sterilizing Wireless Enterprise Networking Access Point and to provide some guidelines as to what chemicals to use for this purpose.

Cisco Access Points both Aironet and Catalyst series may be disinfected using a product by Steris called Spor-Klenz.

While this chemical is designed to be safe to use on finished wood, sealed granite, glass and stainless steel, it appears to not damage electronic equipment provided the cloth is damp and the chemical does not get into the device.

Note: While these two products were evaluated, other disinfecting products may also, be used but care should be taken when applying these products using the suggestions provided.

Stay Safe.

Wi-Fi Design while your Staff are working from Home

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With the coronavirus spreading in more than 160 countries, CDC the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that the public should prepare for an extended coronavirus pandemic in the US. It’s time to discuss the near-term business requirements of what we need to do during the Corona Virus events around us.
Things to Consider:

  • Office Space reconfiguration moving people further apart and changing the work between “teams” where groups of workers only come in on specific days.
  • Cleaning and protecting our Wi-Fi devices while avoiding harm to the equipment.
  • What can be done now while our offices are closed, design, update and more.
  • Enabling more video conferencing options and online meetings.

Building proposals and obtaining approvals during this time are critical to restarting the whole process of restructuring WiFi infrastructure. People are going to return to their offices and things will have to change. Be ahead of the curve. I have been talking to other Wi-Fi experts and discussing what our plans should look like for 2020 considering the news to collaborate while all of us are working from home and keep up the pace with our productivity. We have the following new technologies to consider.

Wi-Fi 6 Fresh for end user devices and Access Points.
Increased RTLS usage and updated 2020 design methodologies to consider. Especially in hospitals and now for the elderly in general. Improved Wireless Experience products (client simulation and hardware sensors) to deploy. We can do one of two things. Shut down and work from home and be reactive to our users’ Or Start designing and building our Wi-Fi workload for when this is over or at least under more control that we can pick up again with our work. The most important point to consider over here is to plan and design now. We will have improved productivity and jump start into well-developed projects in place so when we return to the office, we can kick off all those projects we could never get to.

Office Space reconfiguration – if you have a recent survey teams like eTribeca, they can review these and make recommendations on the impact of Wi-Fi as you move desks and people around. It maybe you have to perform a full survey again or utilize a predictive but only a professional wireless company can successfully advise the best cause of action. Extending Wireless to the home as a business use. Companies will find a lot of issues from work at home where Wi-Fi is not managed. eTribeca has tools to assist identifying the issues on the consumer Wi-Fi network and assisting the remote users to resolve Wi-Fi network outages. Otherwise they may not be as productive or have increased downtime while working at home. This can take the strain off your help desk teams and improve tele working as an option even after this current epidemic.

Start talking to your wireless providers about upgrades and improved designs. Think about survey onsite as an option and cable deployment if access is still an option. End users are often a restriction to getting new things done. Pushing for Afterhours work sometimes or aggravated by planed downtime.

Being in the industry since 1997, we have worked on critical projects with continuous shift in technology. Our engineers deploy around the country and can scale to most client’s needs.
Let’s work together to stay safe during the Coronavirus crisis and be prepared for the time when it is under control.