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Wi-Fi is going to be better like never before. This year we are going to see the new client devices with support for Wi-Fi 6E. The new upgrade is essentially like increasing your wireless connection and speed. With this new spectrum it will mean faster connect times, higher-speed connections, and that translates to the airwaves are less likely to be congested.

Wi-Fi 6E

How will this “fix” my existing network?
We often experience difficulty while connecting with the Wi-Fi network, which mostly means bandwidth congestion. This is a shared highway just like our cars drive on and with WIFI 6e (for 6ghz) we extra lanes, that nobody is using. We have it all to ourselves!
Whenever too many devices are trying to connect over the same frequencies, sometimes devices start getting dropped or have hold off. We have a monitoring service that tells you exactly what the issue is with eT Network Patrol, but more on that in another article.
6GHZ Wi-Fi called 6e is offering a new spacious band that will not overlap with other signals like on some current Wi-Fi channels.
Previously all existing Wi-Fi devices operated on two spectrum bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Wi-Fi 6E adds a third 6GHz. Wi-Fi 6E adds a fresh unused (indoor) spectrum. That means you can have larger, higher-speed connections, and are less likely to be congested. If you want to keep up to date when Companies Like Aruba, Cisco, Extreme and CommScope (Ruckus) drop us a line and we will put you on our short blast mailing on what to look out for at

When to upgrade to WIFI 6e?
If your current WIFI network is more than three years old, then possibly it is time to upgrade. Devices that support Wi-Fi 6 (no 6ghz, that is 7e) are becoming more common, both higher-end models as well as some value priced ones. Contact us and we can advise you further on your specific needs. We can expect all devices supporting Wi-Fi 6E new hardware to be available by 2022-2023.

Simply put, if you refresh every 3 years and are ready to upgrade in early 2021, then stick with WIFI 6 Access Points however start to plan/design for the WIFI 6e from a cable deployment prospective (cat 5 for example will not support the higher speeds).
Building for 6e today is a design consideration, if you are ready to upgrade and have aging equipment and looking to get competitive hardware pricing from the manufactures to upgrade now rather than wait for WIFI 6e. If waiting for 6e is not an option (lots of entities are upgrading during Covid as they have easier access to office areas with less people onsite) or if your vendor has not released anything yet, it will depend on when your next refresh might be required; example end of support equipment.

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