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Governor Cuomo today advised us all
• "Know what you are doing before you do it”
• "Reopening now needs to be Reimaging”

This is our Mantra at eTribeca for your Network and Wi-Fi improvements. We can design and validate your improvements over the next 90 days, do not forget Flu Season at the end of the Year and we may be right back at this.
• When did you last review your Wi-Fi network and is it designed for the new reality of the workplace?
• eTribeca has the experience to assist you. We have a design team ready to review your office and make recommendations and improvements. We have been building Wi-Fi for 20 years and understand that things change over time. But this moment is a dramatic change.
• Is your network covering 100% of your office space?
• If not, what can we do to prepare for the workforce Return?
• Your network has not been used for nearly 3-month; May 15th is it still working.
eTribeca has a national Wi-Fi and network team, leverage on our 20 plus years of building Wi-Fi and experts in the field.

eTribeca can review your network before employee return and make recommendations. IF required, we can dispatch Wi-Fi and network engineers to enhance and upgrade the network and get you up and running for that Day 1 return and not day 57!

Control the Valve, we can also do this in stages and assist you with our expert knowledge.

Let us help you with your home workforce. You rushed to get them up and running, it looks like it may now be permanent.

Still working from home - We have the tools for Improved Home Wi-Fi (we have special equipment pricing for this)

How about Secure Video with Cisco Webex and Lifesize?
We have some great low cost or even free offerings.
Keep in mind while saying that the state will reopen in "phases," Cuomo did not give many specifics. "On many of these things, I'm not comfortable getting too far ahead of ourselves," Cuomo said.

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